Twelfth Night

Event Date: September 28, 2019

Poetry, music and drama emerge strong in this play, and Caribbean sensibility was attentive to every nuance.
Twelfth Night, one of Shakespeare’s most beloved comedies pulsated with Caribbean vibe.

The script remained intact, but our Caribbean eye saw the song as extension of story as seen in calypso; power of the servant; weight of disguise as one ‘plays’ another; masque; revelry; spontaneous singing as in extempo; the trickster; and the element of hex and obeah. Our Caribbean ear heard the drum beat rhythm; heard the signal to dance and song; heard the voice veering vernacular in performance; heard proverb and phrase in interpretation; and heard the banter and bacchanal.

The play was set in 1880’s Trinidad, after cannes brules riot, after Emancipation, after the arrival of the East Indian labourers, and still in the lifetime of Cazabon.